The Best RC Brands (You Can’t Miss Out On These Companies)

Making a top-notch RC car requires the power of engineering and innovative design creation. These two criteria ensure a spectacular driving experience while maintaining the aesthetic look of the RC cars at the same time.

When it comes to delivering these aspects, there are several best RC car brands that have reigned supreme in the radio controlled vehicles market.

They are, in no particular order, Traxxas, Team Associated, HPI, and Losi.


Fun and Innovative

Traxxas LogoOne of the best RC car brands that have managed to conquer the market is Traxxas. The company offers cool looking cars and trucks that are fun to drive. Their wide selections of product models can fulfill the needs of the hobbyists as well as kids alike.

Established back in the 80s, they have come a long way in manufacturing and improvising their products. In fact, they are the pioneer in producing ready-to-run RC cars and RC trucks that are ideal for new learners.

These models come ready in a box and all the users need to do is to install a battery and drive away.

Even though the RTR editions come in a very basic setting, Traxxas has managed to diversify the products and open the door for modification and customization.

This allows the brand to remain strong in the hearts of advanced users who love to upgrade their vehicles. You can switch the electronic components, parts, batteries, and the body kit to unlock the full potential of your remote controlled car.

Another reason why this brand remains one of the best RC cars manufacturers for over twenty years is because of the quality of their products. If you need something that can provide both fun and durability, their cars are the ones to go with.

You can rally it, drift it, spin it, bash it – basically go crazy with it – and yet you can count on the car to survive the abuse.

With such incredible quality, it is quite difficult to pick a single best Traxxas RC car. However, our favorites include E-Revo, X-Maxx, T-Maxx, Slash, and the monster Traxxas Stampede!

Team Associated

Premium Parts and Great After-Sale Service

Team Associated LogoIf Traxxas is well-known for their incredible durability, speed performance, and customization, Team Associated is famous for their product versatility, quality and premium accessories and spare parts.

With a tagline that can marvel just about anyone – “World Championship R/C Cars” – Team Associated has managed to produce some of the best RC cars out there.

Their vehicles come in various scales, on-road/off-road options, and styles of cars e.g. rally, truck, buggy, and GT cars. Plus, their RTR cars also provide a quick entry into the hobby and have been built to stand the test of time.

From the price perspective, Team Associated tags a lower price point on their cars compared to Traxxas.

Excellent customer support is a must because, as hobbyists, we will need to change our parts or repair the cars often, and sometimes we require their technical advice while doing so. In this aspect, Team Associated truly shines.

They have great aftermarket support, so there is no need to worry about that when you purchase one of their top radio controlled cars or trucks.

Some of the best editions from Team Associated that we highly recommend are RC10T5M Stadium Truck, SC10 KMC Wheel RC Truck, and the buggy-type RC10 Classic.

HPI Racing

Cool Design and Product Reliability

HPI Racing LogoAnother household name in the RC vehicle market is HPI Racing. While it may not be as popular as Traxxas and Team Associated, HPI Racing is still a great brand to consider if you are thinking of purchasing an RC car for yourself.

The company has been around since the 80s, and since then, they have been mesmerizing the users with their engineering capability and design creativity.

One of the striking strengths of this company is its ability to replicate the real cars and turn them into similar, lifelike replica models.
Their cars look stylish and ferocious!

As if that’s not enough, they can also get you in the zone as you drive them away onto the paved roads and rough terrains.

The fact that they produced amazing large-scale nitro RC cars has also helped to increase their credibility and make them as a top option amongst advanced users.

Listening well to their customers is another one of their strengths. After looking at the popularity of ready-to-run remote controlled vehicles, HPI has also joined the wagon and produced great RTR cars.

For example, we love Trophy 4.6 Truggy RTR as it boasts highly durable aluminum chassis, waterproof kit, and roaring 2.5horsepower nitro engine. The HPI Savage is also another great line of HPI trucks. If you’re looking for a top quality buggy for the money, the Vorza Flux is one that’s loved by many.

Team Losi

High Performance and Various Spare Parts

Team LosiTeam Losi Logo is also considered as one of the best RC car brands, thanks to the easy-to-drive cars and a wide selection of electronics, fuels, accessories, parts, and tools.

The company aims at providing its customers with a high capability of fine-tuning and customization.

The selections of parts and accessories are endless – you can buy them anywhere and everywhere. Plus, Losi also offers powerful engines and a variety of body graphics for their products.

For this reason, it is not a surprise to see why many avid racers prefer this brand. Their 1/8 scale cars and trucks are a hit due to the tons of parts available.

Over the years, the company has collected a huge number of fans and followers. They all love the quality of the products and can easily overlook the high prices that typically come with their vehicles.

They can range from $150 and up to $1k and more!

Losi offers both beginner RC cars and high-end editions for their customers, and you can expect supreme quality and reliability to come together with the products.

Looking for a new radio controlled car or truck to impress your friends?

The Losi 22 is ideal if you need a car with a fresh design, fast lap time, and comes with additional hop-up options. Another great model is the Team Losi Racing XXL-2E Truck that has excellent speeds and handling. Some other great models to consider are the XXX-SCT or the Desert Buggy XL.

And what’s not to love about the Losi 5IVE-T? It has a monstrous body size, loud engine sound, and moves on grass fields, smooth roads, and jumpy tracks like a pro!

More Brands For You To Choose…

Besides the four best RC car brands above, there are also several other manufacturers that you can trust to provide thrilling driving experience and sheer durability. Tamiya, Kyosho, Axial, Vaterra, Redcat Racing, Exceed, and Duratrax are some of them.

If you are still a beginner to this hobby, you can start with one of the brands mentioned above.

You can select the model based on your budget and preference, and witness how they impress you with their products!

8 thoughts on “The Best RC Brands (You Can’t Miss Out On These Companies)”

  1. I am looking for the most reliable, most “bullet-proof” full-duplex ( a.k.a. FIA ) track telecommunications to help me build an obscenely fast [ +320 kph ] GP / F1 vehicle and the only company that even comes close is TRAXXAS with their slow-poke XO-1 !

  2. Hi Mark, I noticed you left out Arrma in this article. What are your thoughts on the Arrma label? Their lineup seems to be very well built.


  3. You seem to be a big hpi guy I used to be as well 6-8 years ago but now hopefully you never break one since you cant get parts any where!!! Arrma all day over these!

  4. I just started buying RC cars and I believed I should stick with a Traxxas battery operated no gas I have an E-Revo and a xmaxx and two rustlers and I’m going to buy a another E-Revo and a rustler because parts are easy to get and you can interchange your parts with your other one if it’s broke down what do you think

  5. Hi Mark, I think you can add one brand more : CARISMA RACING.
    They built awsome products who are very durable with a lot of spare parts you can find easyly all over the world. Their cars are often made under licence with the most famous car constructors and are still very realistic. Ok, it’s for guys how beguin in this hobby because the performance are not so high than the others you notice in your article but all users are very satisfied of their products.
    Plus, they built and assembly a lot of products of the most famous companys
    in their manufactory MaToys in Hong Kong who begin in the hobby car rc in 1967 !!!
    They built from 1/24 to 1/8 scale magnificals cars, just take a look on their website : or
    I’ve got 3 of their products (Baja Buggy M10DB, GT10RS DTM Audi RS5 1/10 and GT16MB VW Beetle Desert Edition 1/16) and I can tell you that they are very durable, easy to upgrade and very pleasant to drive and bash…
    THANKS IN ADVANCE to add this brand in your listing and read the user’s reviews of owners to be sure I didn’t lye.
    N.B. : I didn’t have any actions in this company.
    Best regards and good bash to all readers.

  6. I am just learning about these RC cars and I think you know a lot about these Traxxas battery operated RC Cars from what I am gathering and and I’m going to buy a E-Revo and a rustler because of what you are saying about getting parts and how easy they are to get and how you can interchange the parts with other parts if it gets broke down. This is what I am gathering from all of this. Thanks guys.


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