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If you have any connection to the RC hobby at all, then you have most likely heard of Losi. Team Losi is another huge name in the RC car industry.

While they may not be as big as the Traxxas giant, they have sure made a name for themselves over the past 30 years or so. Not only does Losi make RC cars, but they also make many other vehicles.

Losi is well-known for their buggies, desert trucks, and short course trucks. But they also make monster trucks, rock crawlers, rock racers, short course buggies, and truggies.

Just like Traxxas, Losi is known for their high-quality products and loyal team of fans and racers.

History of Team Losi

Losi was one of the first companies to mass produce RC vehicles. Originating in Southern California in 1980, they started off by making parts for other RC cars.

Team Losi got its start by making spur gears, pinions, and nerf bars for other brands like Tamiya. Many of these parts were handmade at first.

They then went on to making parts for Yokomo and Team Associated RC car kits. Some of the first Team Associated kits like the RC10 and RC10L were designed in part by the Losi team.

This gig was successful for them until their manufacturer left them in the dust and they couldn’t keep up with the demand themselves.

This event led them to create their own RC car, the JRX2. The JRX2 was released in 1988 and was a designed like a buggy.

Luckily, the demand was so high for RC cars at the time that Team Losi went on to create many more models. These models started with the XX and then the XXX models soon after.

Interestingly enough, the XXX-SCT that evolved from the original XXX buggy is one of Losi’s most popular RC trucks these days.

From this point on, Losi was a major player in the RC industry. They continued producing the JRX2, XX, and XXX well into the late 1990’s.

It was in the year 2000 that Horizon Hobby acquired Team Losi which led them to join the largest family of RC companies. Some of these brands include Spektrum, Pro Boat, Hangar 9, and E-Flite.

In 2002, after the acquisition, Losi made their permanent home at their current location in Ontario, California.

It was in 2006 that Team Losi joined the 1/8 scale off-road racing class with the release of their well-known 8IGHT buggy.

This car led them to win many major championships around the world.

Losi then went on to create a rock crawler in 2009 which also won many championships as well.

Losi continues to create and produce some of the top quality RC vehicles out there.

With their slogan, The leaders in RC car and truck innovation and design, you know they aren’t messing around.


Here is a list of the well-known models Team Losi sells today. Keep in mind, some of these models can have many different variations. Some come in electric. Some come in nitro. Some come as brushless, and some come as brushed.


  • 8IGHT
  • DBXL


  • Baja Rey
  • Ten-MT
  • Tenacity
  • LST XXL2-E
  • 8IGHT-T
  • Monster Truck XL
  • Night Crawler
  • Rock Rey
  • Tenacity SCT
  • 5IVE-T


As you can see, Team Losi has certainly made their mark in the RC industry. They went from being a producer of parts for other companies to one of the major players in the game. Now they produce some of the top quality RC cars and trucks out there.

If you have any questions about Team Losi, or if you want to share any stories, feel free to in the comments below.

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