Team Losi DBXL Review for 2019

Team Losi is arguably the leading brand of RC vehicles for a reason. The Desert Buggy XL is no less than a game changer, packing raw power while offering its users sublime control. Considering the power, durability, and off-road madness that this product packs, the price tag will be the last thing on your mind. Here is what we thought of the RC Buggy and our detailed Team Losi DBXL Review.

Team Losi DBXL Review

Before we tell you what we really thought of the buggy, let’s get into some of its core features. Then we’ll talk about the pros, the cons and the whole nine yards.

But first, here’s a nice test run for you to watch, so you can see what you’re getting yourself into!

Specs and Features

Reinforced 5mm Aluminum Chassis

If you’ve got a passion for driving, you’ll need an RC that can stand the storm. The Desert Buggy XL comes with a rigid injection molded roll cage, built on a reinforced 5mm aluminum framework. If you’ve got a bit of a road rage to go with that passion, then this RC was built for you.

It comes efficient, ergonomic, and fully equipped for any driving style.


With a vigorous cage, paired with buggy-like panels screwed to it — this RC captures the look of an off-road buggy. You’ll notice if you look to the side of the engine: the center axle links to a stub axle before it connects to the center differential. Basically, this allows the engine to sit close to the centerline — which means better control — which also means that’s another reason you need this RC.

About the Drivetrain

Remove a few screws, swing up the bumper, and remove the capture plates that secure the diff cases into the bulkheads.

Are you through? Great! Now you have full access to the differentials.

It might sound like I just gave you the runaround, but in fact, this process is a lot simpler than it could’ve been. Once the case is out, you simply remove the three screws and there you go!

Before we get into the performance aspect of this amazing product, let’s talk about some of the tools you get (and don’t get) with your purchase:

Items included

  • Wheel nut wrench
  • L-wrench set
  • Turnbuckle
  • 2-stroke oil

Items Sold Separately

  • Gasoline and gas can (duh!)


In For the Long Haul

The large capacity gas tank enables this bad boy to tackle any terrain for a whopping 40 minutes. That’s something to consider when compared to other models that may only give a measly 20 minutes before they need a refill.

On Track Steering

Many might feel the need to compare this product to lighter and more nimble RCs. That’s somewhat understandable. What we should keep in mind, however, is the amount of weight this monster is carrying around. At nearly 30 pounds, the desert buggy turns fairly well. Remember this RC is built to brave off-road terrains. The difference in turning speed is not so much a con, as it is a display of all-round efficiency.

Off power, this RC has superior tuning speed compared to other larger machines.


We mentioned the 23cc engine before — here’s what you probably don’t know. The desert buggy also comes equipped with a high stall clutch spring. This helps with the engine rev prior to the drivetrain getting busy.

This buggy packs enough power to launch off jumps or force you to back away whenever it’s zipping by.

Let’s Talk About Braking

The desert buggy’s braking performance is through the roof, thanks to its large vented discs and padded plates. Whether short bursts or long straightway runs, this RC has got it covered. Zero brake hang up is another thing you’ll notice – a merit to the springs applying pressure to the plates as you ease up off the trigger.


Bumps and jumps are the least of your worries! The big shocks and long arms soak em right up! This makes the RC suitable for bulldozing through clumps of dirt and sand for instance — giving you that excitement many RC users are looking for.

Some users may find that over longer runs of high action (you know all those clumps of dirt and sand) the suspension may not hold out so well. No worries, this may only kick the rear around a bit. Nothing to ruin the fun!


The desert buggy XL has a tendency to drop the nose (a little) when going off bigger jumps. This is something to be expected of larger RCs. What you can do is manipulate the throttle a little (at launch). Release quickly so you can get back on the gas — that should get the nose right back up.


Generally speaking, Losi has got you covered durability-wise. Let’s just say you’re driving in the desert (which isn’t a bad place to take your desert buggy) there may be a need for concern. In this setting, you may be better compensated in the crash aspect, thanks to fewer obstacles and such. But you’re not completely in the clear yet.

Sand is prone to grind away at particular parts of your RC, which is likely to wear it down in the not-so-long run. There may be some trouble for your pull starter, namely. Losi offers covers for these that should help with preventing particles like sand from getting into engine components and running a good time.

The Benefits of the DBXL

Losi DBXL Review

For starters, the 4WD drivetrain equips this vehicle for just about ANY terrain. The RC is given great protection by the bulky cage under the Lexan body.

This product comes ready to run, with a Spektrum radio gear already installed, and driveshafts with boots to protect the joints. Getting access to the differentials is a cinch, involving some loose screws and no sweat.

Also, the inline engine setup is designed for convenience and optimal control. The desert buggy comes with many features for you to bask in, but it’s also highly customizable. That gives you something to look forward to in the near future.

The Only Negatives

It would have been nice if this product came with thumb nuts to adjust brake bias. As for the 23cc engine, it may be sweet for beginners, but those with experience are going to want to beef things up really soon.

Also, the roar of the engine is sure to draw some attention. If you happen to notice that your neighbors are throwing you funny looks all of a sudden, it may have something to do with that loud engine disturbing the peace.

This bad boy requires a bit more maintenance than say, an electric RC: the driveshafts, air filters, front, center and rear differentials etc. But it’s nothing to give you a headache. Besides, if you went looking for this product that’s probably something you’re looking forward to.


All in all, Losi has made a fine product. Those cons are hardly a reason to throw your desert buggy into a river and-and follow up by sending hate mail straight to the manufacturer. Overall you’re being promised high power, superior durability and lots of off-road action.

Let’s not forget the convenience and ease that comes with accessing those differentials.

Sounds like a steal? Good! That’s because it is.

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