Traxxas Slash 2WD Review for 2019

The Traxxas brand does not need any introduction. It is famous for its outstanding design, less downtime as well as inexpensive and quick parts replacement. The Traxxas 58034-1 Slash 2WD Short Course Racing Truck is no exception. It is an electric, 2-wheel-drive and ready-to-run (RTR) racing truck. It is also the younger sibling of the other model, the Slash 58034-2.

Specs and Features

The Slash 58034-1 RC truck features a brushed motor, which can be upgraded to Velineon Brushless Power System for faster torque and speed effects. With this upgrades, it can reach up to 75mph. Just remember to upgrade the transmission and battery if you do convert to brushless. It is designed for off-road actions and comes with more than 900 horsepower.

The purchase also includes a 2.4GHz radio transmitter. You will need four AAA batteries for this remote. Inside the box, you will also receive an 8.4V iD NiMH battery and a 4-ampere DC for speedy charging. You will need to charge the battery before you can start using it. You can use the provided 12V car charger or use a separate adapter to charge it right from the wall outlet. It takes about 45 minutes to one and a half hour to get to the full juice.

The Traxxas 58034-1 Slash features a four-wheel independent suspension. It also comes with oil-filled shocks that are highly customizable. You can use different pistons to prevent unwanted bouncing. Out of the box, it has been tuned for off roads. The body and engineering design take its inspiration for the upgraded version of Pro 2.

With this inspiration, you can get an almost similar driving and handling performance as the professional version – all at a lower cost.


When it comes to performance, this 2WD Traxxas truck does not disappoint at all. The 2.4GHz transmitter control is not only ergonomic but also efficient. It has a long-range RC signal and provides strong radio signal up to 200 feet away. Any further than that, the signal can go a bit weak and fuzzy.

This racing truck also utilizes the XL-5 electronic speed control. It provides power supply to the motor in an efficient manner. Other features include heat and voltage protection, 3-mode control and training mode. The Titan 12-Turn Motor supports a high speed – up to 30MPH. One of the features loved by many users is the responsiveness of the motor.

It is highly proportional to the amount of trigger pulled from the remote. Steering Servo that is preinstalled inside this RC truck delivers precise steering control, and the Brushless Magnum Transmission ensures powerful delivery. It comes with 48-pitch gears that provide ample power to the rear wheels. It has a real gear shift as you accelerate the truck.

Plus, it can withstand rough terrains and extreme abuse with the tube style bumpers. They absorb high impacts to protect the body and internal components from damage. You can go crazy with it – crash it or bash it – it will resist the impact!

This Traxxas 2WD Truck is also versatile. Even though it is designed for off roading, it also performs well on smooth surfaces. The tires can be changed, and the suspension can be tweaked for it to ride on any terrain smoothly.

It features a 23-tooth pinion gear that you can use to increase the speed of the truck on the paved road up to 30mph. The 19-tooth gear comes pre-installed. When it comes to the battery performance, it can provide up to 25 minutes of power to the truck. However, it varies based on your driving method and surface area.


Traxxas Slash 2WD ReviewLooking at the size, it has a reasonable dimension of 24.8 x 9 x 11.9 inches. It is also quite light at about 9 pounds. The 1/10-scale RC truck is very thrilling to drive and easy to use. The chassis size is big and sturdy enough. Plus, it takes little to none practice to master the speed and handling.

The vehicle runs well right out of the box. Even though it is an RTR model, it is still highly customizable, which makes it interesting for intermediate users. You can apply different battery and setup combinations to get the best performance.

Since the casing is waterproof, you should face no problem driving it in the rain. It is also easy to clean. After a rough drive, you can simply wipe the body with a damp cloth and blow the inner compartment with a compressor to get the dirt out.

Furthermore, the suspension also performs superbly. Some users even said that it was almost like a real truck! Traxxas Slash comes with a quick reverse movement except when it is set on “Race Mode”. It offers various color variations that can fit your taste and style. The well-made and high-quality compartments are also its strong points.

Most of them are metal or composite. You can expect no cheap plastic material with this model. With the excellent quality comes high durability; it can take a beating without sweating! Another thing that we like about this RC truck is the inexpensive and easy-to-replace parts. It is ideal for kids or new learners. There is also a training mode that reduces the speed and maintains the brake control.

The learning curve is not steep! Overall, this Slash truck has a great performance when it comes to driving, braking, drifting, and jumping. Plus, as reported by the users, the outstanding after-sale customer service enhances the pleasant experience further.


Despite its advantages, there are also several drawbacks that you will need to consider. Firstly, the battery does not last long. The 20 to 30 minutes driving duration seems too short especially when you are having fun.

Many users have also complained about the provided charger. The seller only provides a car charger and a standard AC to DC converter will need to be purchased separately. Another drawback is that it lacks the on-board audio system. Unlike its big brother, Slash 2, it does not have any speaker on the remote that projects a real-life engine sound for better excitement.

Furthermore, even though it is an off-road type of RC vehicle, it does not run well on the grassy field. Some users said that if you do drive on grass, it drains the battery faster. However, it performs well on paved roads, puddles, muds, and beach. Some users also claimed that the paint on the wheel rims is easily scratched and scraped off. You might not fret over this now, but it is definitely something to think about for a long run.


As you can see from the list of pros and cons of Traxxas truck above, the advantages totally outweigh the disadvantages. We highly recommend this model to new and intermediate drivers. It has excellent acceleration, controls, and cornering performance.

It also jumps and flips excellently on bumpy tracks. The 4.5 rating on proves its reliability and durability. You can expect to enjoy driving this Slash SWD Racing Truck for a very long time. Some users even dubbed it as the best RC racing truck currently available out there – we agree, and we bet you will too after giving it a try!

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